Today, you’ll meet DR Ollie Cotsaftis, a Speculative Designer and RMIT University School of Design Industry Fellow and Lecturer.

Ollie's work sits at the intersection of human evolution, the built environment, and creative biotechnologies. His research addresses climate resilience and social innovation in speculative urban futures and has most recently started a column on speculative and critical design for the This is HCD network.

In this episode, we cover

  • How Speculative Design works and why it matters
  • Why the question "what if" is so important to our future
  • Why BioDesigners grow materials instead of mining them
  • Why bacteria, algae and moss are so exciting
  • And, the potential impact of CRISPR

Some questions I ask

  • What is the main goal of a Speculative Design?
  • Why is the question "what if" so important?
  • Why is it crucial that we talk about the impact of technology on everyday life?
  • Why should we be considering our "preferred" alternatives for the future?
  • What is BioDesign?
  • What does a BioDesigner work with as material?

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