Meet Steve Schoeffel, Co-Founder of Whimsical - a visual workspace made for teams.

Steve's a Founder and Designer who is passionate about remote work, and building the future.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Why Whimsical chose to stay self-funded
  • The secrets behind their growth
  • How they decide what to build vs what not to
  • How Whimsical overcome the challenges of remote work
  • And, a whole lot more.

We've also got a surprise for you at the end of this episode.

So, settle in and listen out for that.


Some questions I ask:

  • What prompted the idea behind Whimsical?
  • What early challenges did you have to overcome?
  • How did you take Whimsical from early idea to a software startup?
  • Why did you choose to stay bootstrapped vs. seeking investment?
  • How does being bootstrapped impact how you work at Whimsical?
  • How did you settle on the features in your first version?
  • What was it like watching people outside your team start using Whimsical?
  • When was the moment you knew Whimsical was something special?
  • How do you operationalize your values into behaviours?
  • How do you decide what to build vs what not to build?
  • How does user feedback factor into your design decisions?
  • How do you keep your vision alive now you're working as a team?

In this episode, you'll learn

  • How Steve found himself in drawing classes at college (1:27)
  • How he approached being rejected for an internship (7:54)
  • Why Steve did projects for free to gain experience (10:52)
  • How he used his experience playing sport to overcome rejection (12:22)
  • The people who've made the most impact at the start of his career (15:06)
  • How Steve and Kaspars built Whimsical as a tool for themselves (17:33)
  • How the Co-Founders came together to build Whimsical (22:24)
  • The secret behind Whimsical's growth (32:49)
  • How Steve handles user feedback (36:41)
  • The Whimsical’s path to core users (38:15)
  • Why the Whimsical team chose to stay self-funded (43:56)
  • The benefits of remote work (55:22)
  • Whimsical’s values and how they operationalize them (1:01:36)
  • How Whimsical filter and apply feedback (1:06:36)
  • Why Steve identifies Whimsical as a maker-driven company (1:08:41)
  • How to overcome the challenges of remote work (1:12:33)
  • How Whimsical dealt with adding team accounts (1:17:17)
  • Why Steve likes Whimsical's upgrade confirmation screen (1:29:58)
  • Why skills and integrity matter to collaboration (1:37:40)

Also mentioned in this episode

Co-founder Kaspars Dancis

Shape up process

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