This is The Goods

This is the show for people who seek more than the default

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Hi, my name is Mike 👋

I'm the person behind The Goods.

Here is where I share interviews, ideas, and insights from my work exploring the world of design and creativity.

The question I'm trying to answer is, "What if all people could access design?"

I started The Goods as a way to answer that question by learning from all kinds of designers, makers, and creators at work in the world today.

On the show, you'll discover how they are reshaping everything from products and services, to everyday objects, our environment and evolution.

Along the way, I like to try out their methods for myself as I build a better toolkit as a designer, maker, and person.

To sum it all up, my work is one-part design, one-part research, one-part experiment. It's a blend of science and creativity, and practice.

When I'm not doing this, I'm exploring human movement, making the worst dad jokes you’ve probably ever heard, and being the best uncle I can to a Border Collie named Luna.

I don't claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I'm happy to share what I'm learning along the way.

Mike Rowe - not the host of Dirty Jobs